Nike's Collaboration with Berlin-based designer Johanna Schneider To Launch February

Designer Johanna Schneider

Late last year, Nike’s Women division pulled out all the stops with world class athletes and models for their big deal global summit where myself and hundreds of other media folks got a chance to get a look and hear about all that Nike had in the works. During the summit they introduced a their two upcoming designer collaborations, one with Brazilian Pedro Lourenço which launched Nov. 2014 and with Berlin-based designer Johanna Schneider. At the time we couldn’t show too many pics of Johanna’s collab because it was still under wraps but now that the official announcement has been made more can be shared since it will launch February 26.

The new collection is described as “a modular capsule collection designed for ultimate versatility. The collection is about building the Nike woman a workout wardrobe but also making it functional for her day-to-day life. So think workout then brunch then shopping, after a quick shower or rinse if you so choose obviously.
During the summit, Johanna shared that she wanted to create a breathable colorful pieces. The one piece that stood out the most to me from the rest was the NikeLab x JFS Sleeveless gray Cape. It looks and feels so versatile. The printed leggings would complement it perfectly.


NikeLab x JFS collection features outfits that build, layer by layer for different stages of a workout, including the transitional periods of warm-up and cool-down. Based on the wearer’s activity, the garments are designed to be fully adaptable, changing volume and position on the body for different stages of use.

“All garments of the collection are built to move and interact with the female body in motion,” Schneider says. “My idea of feminine silhouettes is a balance of hiding and revealing parts of the body. I don’t want the athlete to be distracted by the garment while she is working out.”

Unfortunately we don’t have a NikeLab here in Chicago (yet?), but you can view and cop the pieces from The NikeLab x JFS Spring 2015 collection when it launches on Feb. 26 or HERE

*image credit: Nike

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