Giving Tuesday: Why It Matters

In the era of black Friday, pre Black Friday, cyber Monday, the philanthropy community decided to get in on the action and so began Giving Tuesday.

So why should you, care? It’s not that they are offering you steep discount on that 55″ flat screen TV! They aren’t giving you free shipping on all orders plus samples. You may even say to yourself, why bother? the little I have won’t help! They have lots of rich donors to contribute.
Well while these may be the assumptions to justify not participating or giving, it isn’t entirely true. Yes some non-profit organizations in Chicago count many moneyed citizens of this awesome city as donors but the also rely on donations from those that haven’t hit that certain tax bracket yet.

Philanthropy comes in many forms and represents many organizations. From big revered institutions like the Art Institute of Chicago, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Public Library, Rehab Institute of Chicago, Shedd Aquarium, Big Shoulder’s Fund to smaller organizations making lasting impact like Chicago High School for Arts (ChiArts), LINK unlimited, Red Pump Project, and ONE million Degrees to name a few; they serve a purpose within Chicago’s ecosystem and there are many that have benefitted from it and continue to.
Take for example the Chicago Food depository, the assumption is that the only people that go there are those with no money, no home, no resources. But did you know that a family of 5 that lives in one of the better neighborhood in Chicago at some point have needed their service because there was a time they just couldn’t make ends meet and the family had to eat?
Make a Wish foundation helps to give children that have been diagnosed with life threatening medical conditions the opporunity to enjoy a life changing experience.
There is someone able to walk again after a life altering accident who didn’t have insurance but thanks to generous donations to a hospital fund they received care.

There are a lot of organizations that count on dollars from citizens like you to continue to provide for the community. Whether it’s $10, $150, $500 or more, consider donating.

The best part? you can get some type of tax break so you can be fiscally responsible while being altruistic, your accountant may love that.
Depending on your lifestyle, there are ways you can give not just during #GivingTuesday. So you love to get bottle service with friends every now and then, put that money together and help make a difference in the life of someone. It may not be the all night rager you were looking forward to but the taught that a family ate today because of your contribution will take its place.

So you’ve been eyeing that Valextra bag from Barneys, go without and donate the money you would have paid for it or get something a less pricey and donate the difference. And don’t just donate, get to know the charity make sure their values and principles align with yours.
There’s certainly a feeling that you will get once you realize where the money goes and how much it means to someone benefitting from it. So on this giving Tuesday and during the holiday and beyond, please give.

There’s a multitude of organizations in Chicago whether its for special needs, education, healthcare, cultural, homelessness, youth development or the community there’s something for everyone.

Not sure what charity your talents and donations best suits? email us: and we can give you suggestions and connect you with the organization.


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