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If you’ve been looking for hair treatment that won’t weigh down your hair but actually add moisture and sheen, you should try Phyto’s new line which consists of L’Huile Supreme and L’Huile Soyeuse;  it’s amazing and worth the price. Phyto has a reputation for creating great products that are free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates


The Huile Supreme is a hair oil for “dry thick, rebellious hair” but  even if you have medium thickness or fine hair you can certainly use it just probably a smaller amount.  The recommended use is when the hair is damp but if you do twist outs or need a boost of shine on your dry hair before heading out, it works the same too.
With wet hair before blow drying or twisting, spray some on your hands and work it into the hair, comb it out for even distribution then style as desired. The  main ingredient is  Macadamia oil:
I run a very, very small amount through my hair when done styling for finishing shine.


The Hulie Soyeuse is a “lightweight hydrating oil for dry and fine hair” but I have coarse textured hair and this leaves it feeling super soft.  The soyeuse also comes in a pump spray bottle but it’s texture is a bit like a creamy but not heavy, leave in conditioner. What I prefer to do is spray some on my palm and then rub it in through my hair and comb it out, that way I get better/even distribution than straight from the bottle.
When I had my hair in braids, I would spray it directly on my scalp after washing, then massaging it in. When I took my braids out, I sprayed it directly on my dry hair so that combing it out wouldn’t be too difficult or painful.

To really feel that soft hair feeling, after a deep conditioning session, spray some onto your hands and comb it out, you will literally want to keep touching your hair.

And you know the other best thing about this photo products, besides it leaving your hair feeling like buttah? Chicago’s own Anthony Cristiano of Anthony Cristiano Salon at the Trump was the master hairstylist for the campaign, so you know it’s good stuff.
Anthony Cristiano Phyto

You can get the Phyto Huile Supreme and Soyeuse at Sephora, spaceNK and

Bolaji Sosan
Bolaji Sosan

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