Fashion Week Nails Pt. 1

Although a lot of attention is being paid to the fashion that’s being paraded down the catwalk we’re also paying attention to the beauty trends complementing the clothes.
Pro manicurists Michelle Saunders, Jin Soon Choi, Julie Kandalec were tapped by several of the fashion houses to create imaginative, simple or complex looks for the models and that they did. From a watercolor creation seen at Rebecca Minkoff, textured nail art from Jin Soon at TIBI and a magritte blue sky-esque creation from Julie Kandelec at Nanette Lepore.

For TIBI , manicurist Jin Soon Choi went with textured nails and used exclusive products that will be available to you later this month.
Jinsoon at Tibi Spring/Summer 2015 Collection
To achieve this look:
1. File and clean nails, removing all traces of polish and oil residue
2. Use a base coat to protect nail
3. Apply two coats of a light crepe textured polish such as JINsoon Georgette, launching in late September2014
4. On the accent nail, paint quick short strokes vertically down the nail, for TIBI Jin used JINsoon Chamonix, launching in late September 2014


Michelle Saunders created watercolor nail art at Rebecca Minkoff using essie products
Rebecca Minkoff

To achieve the look:
1. apply one coat of bikini so teeny to half of the nail
2. Next, apply one coat of turquoise & caicos to the remaining half of the nail, slightly overlapping with bikini so teeny in the middle
3. Next, dip a striping brush in lollipop and create a thin horizontal fault line across each nail (do this step to one hand at a time, as the red polish needs to be wet in order to create the watercolor effect)
5. Directly after creating the fault line, apply a generous amount of good to go top coat over the entire nail;
*Expert tip: a base coat is not necessary when creating nail art that consists of several layers of polish; it will make the polish too thick and extremely hard to work with

Julie Kandalec’s inspiration for the nails at Nanette Lepore, was the way the sea water rushes to the shore.
Nanette Lepore’s Spring:Summer 2015 collection nails

To get the look:
1.  Apply first base base coat to clean, filed nails
2. Next, apply two coats of mint candy apple
3. Once dry, dip a makeup sponge in blanc and blot polish over the tip of the nail
4. Then, take the makeup sponge and gently press halfway up the nail creating an opaque gradient away from the tip; less blanc pigment should be applied the further up on the nail you go
5. Follow with top coat

*Expert tip: use a piece of wax paper as a palette instead of applying polish directly to cosmetic sponge


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