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Summer is all about showing skin, lots of skin which means finding the best places to go for help in removing unwanted hairs. For your convenience we’ve found the best spas and salons in Chicago to help you achieve a flawless wax job all summer long and gathered tips from the pros to keep your skin looking smooth post wax.

1. Mireille’s Studio, 49 East Oak St.
mireille salon chicago
“We specialize in using hard wax, which is best for sensitive skin and more delicate areas. This wax shrink wraps your skin and no paper is involved which makes your skin less prone to irritation,” explains owner Mireille. Hard wax also seemed to be less painful!

2. Swerve Salon, 1419 North Wells.
Esthetician Jamie Herring from Swerve told us she does “a very thorough job and get to know my client and their needs before I begin any treatment.” Swerve also offers package deals like the ‘Date Night,’ which is a Brazilian and brow wax.

3. Chuan Spa at the Langham Hotel, 330 North Wabash Ave.
chaun spa langham chicago spa02
Kelly Wallace, one of the estheticians at the spa explains to us
TIP: “It’s best to exfoliate before any waxing treatment on the body, you should also keep all waxed areas out of the sun and any steam room or sauna for at least 24 hours post wax. Cold compresses are always great to ease redness and we use cold compresses throughout the process.” Chuan Spa has a variety of waxes and will discuss which is the best for you prior to your service.

4. The Waxing Room, 3115 North Halsted St

This spa uses both hard and soft wax.
TIP: Estheticians from The Waxing Room told us, “exfoliate the waxed area the following day to avoid in growns, especially if it was in your bikini region and no vigorous activity or swimming the same day.”

5. Johnathan Breitung Salon and Luxury Spa, 3226 N Lincoln Ave
Johnathan Breitung Salon and Luxury Spa
TIP: Esthetician, Brook Umbrell, gave us some good pre and post tips for any waxing service. “Don’t shave or tweeze in between waxes. Shaving can toughen up the hair follicle making it more difficult for hair removal during the next wax.
If you are prone to ingrown hairs use a combination of an ingrown hair product like, Vanish by PFB and an exfoliating cloth, put a little soap on the cloth and work it in small circles to help exfoliate any dead skin that might trap baby fine hairs that are trying to come to the surface.
Lastly, take an anti-inflammatory medicine 30 minutes before your service to reduce and redness or swelling.” Brooke is great at what she does and is sure to make you feel super comfortable and relaxed throughout your service.

6. Havana Nights Spa, 4754 North Lincoln

At Havana Nights they use “Nufree which is not a wax so it never sticks to the skin, clients do not experience the pain, redness or swelling associated with wax treatments. Just silky-smooth skin”

7. Cleise Brazilian Day Spa, 1841 North Sheffield Ave
Cleise Brazilian Day Spa

Esthetician and owner, Cleise, a native of Brazil, brings Brazilian body and skin treatments to Chicago. Cliese and her team uses Brazilian techniques to achieve results. Among her signature treatments is the Bikini Carioca wax.

8. Trim Lincoln Park, 2503 North Lincoln Ave
Voted “Best Custom Waxing” of 2011 by Chicago Magazine. The entire staff is dedicated to giving their client a custom-tailored experience in a relaxing and glamorous setting.
9. MK Waxing and Skin Care, 1564 N Damen Ave
“I have been helping people in the Chicago area look their best for over 10 years. My focus has always been to provide the best level of service,” says owner, Mirka. The salon specializes in body waxing as well as facials in a clean and professional environment.
10. Beauty and Soul, 3600 West Wrightwood Ave
Beauty and Soul specializes in natural skin care and body waxing. Leticia, one of the estheticians at Beauty and Soul is known for making first time clients and Brazilian first timers completely comfortable and at ease. This place is a must for waxing beginners.


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