One Republic On Writing, Dating & Wishlist Collaborations

Ahead of their upcoming sold out “Native Summer” tour stop here at Ravinia Festival, we spoke with One Republic on balancing relationships, touring and possibility of a cello solo at Ravinia with Brent Kutzle

The band One Republic is currently riding a high wave following series of billboard chart topping singles including the current hit “Counting Stars.”  Brent Kutzle, the bassist and chellist, for One republic spoke with us about the upcoming show and life as musicians.

original Brent Kutzle
SociaLifeChicago: Single or Dating?

Brent Kutzle: Dating at the moment and soon to be engaged. We are all pretty tied down at the moment.

SLC: How do you balance having a relationship and traveling on tour?
B.K: We try to balance it by having our girlfriends with us now or as much as the can. We also try not to tour for over a month at a time and not go without seeing our significant others for over two weeks. We’re all great at email and doing romantic gestures to make sure our relationships lasts.

SLC: What is your music writing process?
B.K: It’s always a hodge podge. Hotel rooms are one of the best places to write. We write a lot on tour and flush them out in the studio and Ryan(Tedder-lead singer) will come to us with some ideas and we all start to slowly fill it with the different parts.  There aren’t any outside writers other than us but there’s no rule to it.

SLC: What was your first splurge after you guys began to make big money?
As musicians we all collect guitars but my first splurge was a really expensive bass from the ’60s. We’re pretty reserved when it comes to spending. We splurge on nice hotel rooms every once in a while.

SLC: Who do you guys as group count as musical inspiration?
For us as a band and I think U2 has demonstrated that. Yea we hope to have a long career like them.

SLC: What’s the best/craziest party you’ve ever been to?
It was in New York after some award show and everyone was there and doing the robot with Miley Cyrus and Fergie in the corner.

SLC: What one collaboration would you love to have on your next album?
We’re always throwing names out. We love Florence Welch she’s absolutely incredible. I think Sam Smith would be a good one, he’s amazing. We have a bunch of names in the hat.

One Republic has partnered with Malibu Rum to give fans an opportunity to experience their best summer ever #MalibuBSE. Concert-goers across the country at the tour stops will have the opportunity to sample a variety of cocktails from the entire range of Malibu products.
One republic will play at Ravinia June 18. Doors open 4:30pm.


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