Crunches To Get Your Abs Crop Top Ready

After reading ChiCityFashion’s post on crop tops  I’ve decided to give the whole exposed stomach thing another go but damn, the polar vortex and deliciousness that is Stans donuts and wine has had me feeling more swole than cropped.

One of my favorite instagram accounts to follow is @Mankofit though her body is more ripped than Kanye’s jeans, she posts videos on her account that people  like me and you can use to get motivated. I’ve picked through a few of her instagram videos.
You can do this at home or at your gym. Whether your goal is to drop some inches on your waistline or star seeing a 2 pack or firm up the sides, do a few of these excersies daily for at least 2-3 weeks with proper diet you can begin to see some toning. I promise to start mine, after eating a nutella pocket donut from Stans(they are soooo good) of course.

Warm up for 10 mins (skipping rope, a light jog, elliptical, treadmill) then get started with stretches

Once you’re all warmed up and limber try this burpee, burpee are so hard to begin with so if you can’t handle the bosu ball skip that for now.

Make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day as well.


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