Puretergent Your Eco Friendly Laundry Saver

Happy Earth day! There are lots of things we can do help make our days on this earth sustainable.
We compost, shop organic, drive electric cars, recycle  but what about things you can do around the home?
Puetergent Earth day eco friendly-GENTLEyellow3D

Puretergent  market eco-friendly laundry product that can help you be more earth conscious. It’s free of the non-eco friendly products such as free of petroleum products, dyes, and thickeners found in most laundry detergents. The line has been formulated to love your fabrics and your skin while providing maximum stain fighting power.

Founder Julia Fry a former fashion designer herself who has always been inspired by the construction and maintenance of fabric, for a period of time wanted to introduce a product that would leave your clothes clean and soft without the sticky residue of conventional detergents. Her products are so good even some major league baseball teams and high end hotels have been using her products.
The 3 products in the line include purple “Calm”with lavender essential oil protects colors and keeps them vibrant , the yellow “Gentle”  for delicates, baby’s clothes, sensitive skin and blue “Fresh” for white fabrics, gym clothes, kitchen towels and kids clothes. Fresh is the super stain remover.

The smell is in no way over powering and the motto “a little goes a long way” can be applied to this product. Are you the type that sweats through your workout clothes, definitely give the Blue puretergent a try.

Another eco friendly nod? The pouch it comes in reduces packaging by 75% compared to the average plastic jug.

It’s available for purchase at Chicagoland and suburban Jewel Osco stores.


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