Morning Chatter April 15

Grabbed your morning coffee/tea yet?  Well chew on this and have something other than mindless small talk to chat about  this morning. Filed your taxes? Its TAX DAY!!!

♦ Were you busy with a little something we call sleep and missed the first total lunar eclipse of the year? Well you missed “…the most special one, I would say, of our lives” according to Astronomer Bob Berman. Blood moon  appeared in different phases between 2 -4:30 a.m EST [CNN]

♦ India recognizes transgenders as third citizens. India’s Supreme Court on Tuesday created a “third gender” status for transgender people, endowing the group formal recognition for the first time. They will now have the same access to social welfare programs as other minority groups in India though the ruling would only apply to transgender people but not to gays, lesbians or bisexuals.
Transgender activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi has been instrumental in bringing this forth to the supreme court.

Chelsea Clinton is on the cover of the new Fast Company magazine and she talks about

Put it on put it on! That’s what you’ll be saying with your new google glass which will be available for public consumer purchase starting today for $1,500. Though we think a tumblr dedicated to google glasses in strange places should pop up anyday now.

Saying you have ‘very strong sexual chemistry’ is saying you are friends with benefits, no? Katy Perry & Robert Pattinson, thanks to their Coachella spotting may or may not be a thing. John Mayer who?

The shower rod is the star of a sex tape between 2 really terrible reality show stars. How Sway?!

Today marks the 67th anniversary of legendary baseball player Jackie Robinson’s breaking baseball’s color barrier in  1946.  All players on the Cincinatti Reds team will wear the #42 jersey.

♦ SPORTS: Bulls lost to Orlando Magic but their playoff dreams still alive, they just may be seeded lower.

♦  A Jesus the homeless statue is coming to Chicago (Rivernorth) and a place called Fanta Sea seems like the sweetest name for an establishment but they don’t serve endless fanta unfortunately  [DNA Info]


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