The Museum of Science and Industry’s Black Creativity gala held this past Saturday celebrated acheivements in science and art. Guests from across Chicagoland came dressed in their black tie best and here are the guests that caught our eye with their attire. Radio executive Marv Dyson stood out in his red jacket, Sandra Rand was on trend with the dress/pants combo and stepped up the luxe factor with fur trimming. Andrew Wilson set his black tux apart from the rest with a polka dot pocket square, newlywed Adam Farmer in a maroon jacket, artists and SAIC art educator Cheryl Pope stood out with her attire that was

Adam FarmerAdam Farmer Best Dressed on The Scene Black Creativity gala 2014

Sandra RandSandra Rand Best Dressed Black Creativity Gala 2014

Andre WilsonAndre Wilson Best dressed on the scene black creativity gala 2014

Marv DysonMarv Dyson Best dressed on the scene Black Creativity Gala 2014

Chris KraftChris Kraft Best dressed on the scene black creativity 2014

Cheryl PopeCheryl Pope Best Dressed black creativity gala 2014

Kalyn McNeilKalyn McNeil Best dressed Black Creativity gala 2014

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