holiday cheer to engagement fear

While the holidays have somewhat gone from “holiday cheer” to “engagement fear,” there’s got to be a way to get through these couple of months without losing your marbles. With friends and acquaintances getting engaged left and right it can be hard to hide from or even difficult to put on a smile when you and your group of friends are still… very much single. So what would any single guy or girl of the 21st century do? Make light of the engagements, have a few drinks, boast about how AMAZE your life is and poke a little fun while doing it.

Since every proposal and engagement announcement goes viral the instant it happens due to the social media generation we are a part of, what better way to turn this somewhat disheartening time of year into a fun little drinking game.

The rules are simple
• Get your single friends together
• Grab some liquor/wine/beer or malort
• Log onto all forms of social media(facebook, twitter, instagram, friendster, snap chat, heck maybe myspace)
• And let the games begin…


What are you looking for exactly? The typical things that blow up everyone’s newsfeed over and over…
A solo picture of a left hand and ring- easy enough to spot… drink up

Justin Timberlake shots

The BFF Post- We all know this one the typical “I can’t wait to marry my best friend”
The “Can’t wait to be Mrs. (His Last Name)
The “I Said Yes”- this is one of those posts it is okay to laugh at… has anyone ever seen a post, “he popped the question, and I said no” I think not so first take the time to chuckle then throw a couple back!
The “walk down memory lane” post- these are typically the posts that make you want to vomit—“three years ago a cute boy saw me in the grocery store and I knew it was love at first sight, today he asked me to be his wife” DRINK UP

If any of these specifics pop up on your newsfeed, shots are in order. Different posts can be worth various amounts of shots (BFF= 1 shot etc.) also; the more baffled by the engagement of “that girl” in high school… obviously the more shots necessary. If nothing is popping on any newsfeeds its ok to do a little creep session into old groups of friends to find anything to drink too…

This little get together could be made into a nice holiday grab bag party or just a typical pregame to a single gals spontaneous Friday night out on the town! Either way have some fun, don’t worry about the pressures of finding the certain someone, and cherish the time with your girls! Because sooner or later it’s going to be one of us with that embarrassing post on one news feed or the other!



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