What Millennials Can Learn From A CEO

CEOthe highest ranking executive in a company whose main responsibilities include developing and implementing high-level strategies, making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources of a company, and acting as the main point of communication between the board of directors and the corporate operations.


When you meet one you respect one but know that it takes more than just enough to be one. Not everyone can be a CEO but we can always learn from them.


The inaugural Bloomberg Business Summit, The Year Ahead: 2014 was held at the Art Institute of Chicago Wednesday (Nov. 20) and  concluded  Thursday(11/21). The event brought into our city some of the titans of industries in the C-Suite, as well as some next generation executives.

The summit closed out with conversation with McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson. The first half had Mr. Thompson engage in conversation with Bloomberg TV’s Betty Liu followed by a very special Q&A. You see Mr. Thompson, the leader of the 2nd largest private employer in the United States is a philanthropist and advocate of educating the next generation, like you and me.

The special Q&A involved students of Ariel Community Academy. 5 lucky students had the opportunity to ask questions that were answered candidly. Mr. Thompson’s responses, though were meant for these kids that are sure to be the next generation of leaders in our society, applies to anyone that’s striving for success whether as an entrepreneur, upwardly mobile professional or those just figuring it out.


What types of goals are necessary to be an entrepreneur?
You have to know what you want to do and don’t go after something because of money. First find something that you love doing then find a way to make money doing it.
Seek out other people doing it and learn from them. ALWAYS ask questions. There are lots of people out there willing to help you and they all don’t have to look like you. Don’t turn down your collar on anyone.


What goals did you set to motivate you to get to where you are now?
I was raised by my grandmother and she would always tell me “Always do your best.” And thats  what I’ve done. I never looked at goals as a position but for me it was always to just do my best even when I was in school. I set my goals upon being my best, I was always a student of the game. Where you grow up does not define where you will be but its how hard you work at it. Never forget where you came from.

What is a waste of time?
1. Worrying about things you can’t change. Also pity parties. You know the people that will say, “oh things are bad” and then someone chimes in “oh yeah its real bad” and then it continues, I don’t like to be around people like that. Feeling sorry for yourself won’t do any good. 
How do you manage your time?
I schedule everything but I put them in priority. My first priority is my faith. Time to be introspective, my spiritual base. Although I am a Christian I tell people to find the time no matter your religion, to find peace with yourself. Family time is really important to me so I block off time for that. McDonald’s gets a big chunk of my time.




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