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All good things must come to an end and Chicago’s streak of terrifc weather in October sadly is no more. Yep bring out the jackets, next will be scarf, hats and insulated boots. If you’re a single Chicagoan of course the first thought is, oh sh!t it’s getting cold out and theres no prospect *cues the snuggle scramble) The second should be heading to Binnys/ Costco/Dominicks for some red wine and whiskey.  The slight dip in temperature doesnt have to stop the fun though. Yes dining and drinking alfresco, summer flings (if you were lucky enough) are is now out of the question for most but not to worry there is still time to snag a snuggle buddy* for the upcoming winter months.

First ground rules on a Snuggle buddy. A Snuggle buddy is NOT a boyfriend. ALL intent must be thoroughly communicated IMMEDIATELY. A snuggle buddy does not have to go to brunch but must be able to answer an after midnight text. If it’s a relationship you are looking for, a snuggle buddy may not be the best choice.  If it’s re-enacting the computer room scene from Scandal is what you want, yes to snuggle buddy. Now that’s clarified lets discuss where to go scouting for your next snuggle buddy.

single in the city


Northwestern is just a short Metra train ride or drive up to Evanston and man they have some devoted alums and fans. It may be nebeficial to have a friend but everyone is pretty friendly that you can saddle up. Bring a Flask.


Not the attending meetings/social events type which isn’t a bad idea but the actual doing part. Big Shoulders Fund and their auxiliary Board hosts Lend a Shoulder Day and Give Back Day. There’s nothing like meeting someone not too busy to commit some time to give back. Are you a pet person? The Anti-Cruelty Society offers numerous ways to help. Chicago Cares offers a plethora of ways to get involved.

Alumni Club Events

Whether it’s your alma mater or a friends, find out which ones are having related events/dinners and head on over.


There’s an archaic rule that says you can’t meet a good guy in a bar; well guess what? we are here to tell you bullshit and also because we came across a cute couple this weekend that disproved the logic. Though the couple is now married, the guy who was a Kellogg School of Management student at the time needed a break from studying, he went to a local goldcoast bar, met his future wife end of story. Since you aren’t looking for a future husband and/or boyfriend(again snuggle buddy is the goal!) what do you have to lose right? Besides whether it’s a Goldcoast, Boystown, Wicker Park or Southloop bar you will still have fun. Bars aren’t recomended for solo single adventures so bring a wing man(woman).

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Now you’ve met the potential snuggle buddy, its time to vet them. I mean if said snuggle buddy is a U Of Michigan Wolverine and you’re an OSU Buckeye, there’s sure to be some issues there. Below is our snuggle buddy application, use for reference and have fun. Make sure to put into consideration said snuggle buddy’s location-if you live Uptown and they are in University Village/Pilsen it might pose an issue. Also the person’s work schedule, if you’re a 9-5er and they are a 7pm-? you get the idea. Above all, feelings are out of the equation, once you start to get that weird feeling it’s time to stop. Unless the other person does and then good for you!


So what do you think, looking for a snuggle buddy this season?

*term coined by Mel Muoio
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