Oompa Loompa Doompadee Doo 22nd Annual Green Tie Ball


They arrived by Uber black, taxis, limos and some even in party buses to one of the hottest and longest running charity events on the Social Calendar. Green Tie Ball was once again hosted at A. Finkl & Son’s (this might be the last year) and welcomed over 3,000 guests. The party that started with a VIP reception at 6:30pm went on well into the evening(1pm) with different elements throughout the night.
As guests walked in they took pictures and then were handed champagne flutes to get the evening started right.


There were several music options including the mobile DJ dressed in his best Willy Wonka attire as well as different DJ’s taking the main stage including Platinum Events’ Justin Jacobson and his Platinum dance Crue, DJ Rock City ending with celeb guest DJ Lupe Fiasco. Everyone was at the party, literally the place was packed and people kept coming incrementally.

The food? well what restaurant DIDN’T participate. From the mouth watering filet sliders at Gibsons, Oysters from Hugo’s, guests commented on the variety of food options and the fact that most of the serving size were substantial and not just finger food.


Grant DePorter, whose father Donald J DePorter founded Chicago’s Gateway Green in 1986, was in attendance along with some other familiar faces such as: Daniella Guzman, Alicia Roman of NBC Chicago, Krystle Gutierrez who is up for ‘Best Dressed on The Scene’ HERE along with her husband Kris Gutierrez of CBS, Chris and Christa Hibbs, Nandi and Dave Ballard, Erica Strama of Shops at Northbridge and her husband Mike Strama, Keval Baxi, Eisivina Balsyte, Praveen Kopparapu, Kim and James Feeley of Wirtz Beverage, Bridget Conway, Jeremy Fonicello, Lou Canellis, Andrew Barber and new wife Kiley,Brenda Kinlay and many many more.


In addition to the music, sweet treats of Garretts popcorn, starfruit yogurt and cotton candy, Val Warner and Ryan Chiaverini of Windy City Live were back for emcee duties. Event chair Lee, dressed in his Wonka attire, and Sandy Golub thanked all the sponsors that helped make the event possible and guests in attendance before hitting the stage with his band. The night also included Mark Toland and Nick Roy blew guests mind with mind and card tricks.
Ladies that painstakingly wore 1-2hour shoes were given reprieve in the form of soft slippers provided by Cadillac, which we thought was a great move(more gala’s should do this).
Though the event raged into the night, our carriage had to bow out a tad early but what a great evening.
Gateway Green’s Green Tie Ball, Chicago Gateway Green’s signature fundraising gala made its first appearance in 1992. The organization leads urban beautification and greening projects that make a positive environmental and aesthetic impact on Chicago.

Images: Maria Cardona/SociaLifeChicago


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