Carine Roitfeld on Family, 3 “Fairy Godfathers”, Mademoiselle C


Fashion month begins in T-1 day from the time of this post and that means your twitter, instagram, vines, tumblr, pinterest board will be flooding with everything from the runway shows, to streetstyle, to selfies, lots of selfies. So what’s a fashion fan NOT making the pilgrimage to NY, London, Milan or Paris to do to get a tres chic fashion fix? Grab some Danny’s macarons and head to the nearest theater next week for the premeire of Mademoisselle C. Ce qui est mademoiselle C? lo que es Mademoiselle C?

The Film Madmoiselle C (not a movie duh) by Fabien Constant features appearances from fashion heavyweights who happen to be BFF’s with Carine such as Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Giorgio Armnani, Alexander Wang, Ricardo Tisci, Bruce Weber, Donatella, Diane Von Furstenberg, Alber Elbaz just to name a few.

There is no doubt that Carine Roitfeld was one of the most influential fashion editors of our time and still is an influential figure in fashion but after 10 years at French Vogue, she bid adieu and many wondered what her next step would be. Not long after announcing her departure from Conde Nast and some nasty rumors about being blacklisted, she announced her new project CR Fashion Book. Mademoiselle C is our insider access chronicling the launch of her new magazine, “CR Fashion Book.” Amidst all of this Carine’s daught Julia Restoin Roitfeld was pregnant with her first and Carine’s first grandchild.

On some of the people that appeared in the film especially her 3 “Fairy Godfathers”

I’m thrilled that Ricardo Tisci, Tom Ford, and Karl Lagerfeld are in the movie. I spend a great deal of time with those three artists. I’m also happy J.W. Anderson is in it. I think he is the biggest talent of the future. It was hard to convince Tom Ford to do it.

On what is perceived and what people will get to see in the film:

People think I am very elegant, always wearing a tight skirts and high heels. I’m glad that people are finally going to see the physical side of the fashion industry, and that they can see me running through airports in flats and jeans. I’ve gotten this far because of hard work. I’m not a one-hit wonder. My success is the fruit of 30 years of effort.

Raising family and managing career:

My friends told me that this movie does a good job of showing my family spirit. It’s true that I’ve always mixed family and work. My children have always attended fashion shows with me. I like the idea of showing that it’s possible to have a career and still be a woman. There is no boundary between the two. It was important for me to have my family in the movie. I’ve been with the same man for 30 years, and when my children were young, I would leave work early to pick them up from school and take them to their horseback riding lessons. I’m very normal. All of my craziness comes out in my pictures. It’s like a pressure cooker. My job brings out the crazy in me, but as a mom, I’m not that crazy.

The inevitable comparison to Anna Wintour surely comes up more than once and Carine’s take on it is refreshing:

I worked with Anna Wintour and I respect her. She is cold, tough, and focused at the same time. When she didn’t like one of my photo shoots, she would pick up the phone and tell me directly. She is a businesswoman, whereas I’m not at all. She runs her magazine by choosing clothes that will sell in stores so as to support business. I make pictures that I find beautiful and I have fewer resources than she (laughs). When people ask me what it is I do, I answer I’m a dreamer- someone who made her dreams come true.
The main difference between our movies is that I feel that the director who made The September Issue doesn’t know anything about fashion. I expect people to compare the two, after all, people compared our daughters; but they shouldn’t compete. The September Issue and Mademoiselle C. are nothing alike and I think there is room for both projects.

Mademoiselle C will open in theaters September 11

*images via Cohen Media


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