How To ACE Your Next Job Interview?

resume chocolate
Think outside the box and showcase your relevant skills and abilities. Print your resume on a chocolate bar!

Yes easier said than done but not what you think. A recent survey done by Careerbuilder asked hiring managers and human resource professionals nationwide to share the most memorable methods candidates have used to stand out from the crowd during a job interview. Some of the one’s that caught their attention include:

  • Crafting your cover letter like an invitation to hire rather than a request(similar to wedding invitation). It shows creativity especially if you are interviewing for a job in the creative or event industry


  • volunteer to help out with making copies when the interviewer’s assistant looks frazzled. That shows initiative.

If all else fails, send a message in a bottle, just don’t launch it into Lake Michigan.

Some of the tactics that DIDN’T work?


  • Bring items from your interviewer’s online shopping wish list= Too stalkerish


  • Wear a florescent suit, unless you are interviewing to be LMFAO’s backup dancer
  • Send a fruit basket to the interviewer’s home address, when CLEARLY the interviewer had not given you their address. There’s researching and then there’s leapfrogging over that line.
  •  place a timer on interviewer’s desk,  explain in 3 minutes why you are the perfect candidate.

What are some tactics you’ve used on your job interviews?

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