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YESSS!!! It’s the first official day of summer. The best part of summer in Chicago? Everything.  Summer time Chi is THE GIFT after enduring the grueling, never ending winter months. In order to get the best of the summer here are the essentials that you should line up to ensure you enjoy the summer to the fullest.


gilt backstage pool party
No we’re not talking about the the local park district one. Either live in a building with a great pool or have a connect that has  great pool access. East Bank club pool is always on 10 in the summer months. We hear the new AMLI River North– will have a sick ass pool with cabana’s and more, anyone want to invite the SLC crew over?



This is a tricky one because it seems most of us that don’t have one, try to get a boat connect each summer but it just never works. Find that friend who knows a friend and let them invite you over. When you do get invited, be sure to bring a good bottle of wine or liquor that gesture goes a long way. The best boat parties are the random during the day ones so hope you didn’t waste/exhaust those PTO time.

This super billionaire Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich’s “boat” The Eclipse, yea this isn’t what we meant.

roman ambramovich 536-feet-long-and-styled-after-military-vessels-we-simply-had-to-take-a-look



The one silver lining to being single in this fun city is the prospect of a good summer time romance situation. The girls wear less and more fitting clothes, the guys look hotter and glow. A good summer romance is always fun but be sure to heed signs. Stick around too long and you just might get your feelings hurt. You can get a headstart at Summer Lovin tonight(6/21).


There are some people that take their sports seriously in this town and we heart them but there are those that are mildly enthused but attend to woo a client.  You may fall in either of this category.  There’s always that friend or someone’s boss who’s willing to offer up a game. Find them, befriend them, enjoy the game.


lake geneva

Lake Geneva is Chicago’s equivalent of the Hamptons, kinda. The Wisconsin destination is respite from the hustle and bustle of the city even for the well to do that live in the northshore. Get a group of friends and drive up for the weekend or a full week. Stay at the Grand Geneva resort or rent a house by the water. While you’re up there stop by the Kohler Outlets and the Pleasant Praire Outlets too. Retail therapy for the low.


It may seem self explanatory but having at least one on hand is essential. For those that are body conscious and don’t want to rock a 2 piece, there are lots of chic one piece for ladies and longer swim trunks for men.
J.Crew and the new Neiman Marcus Men’s store on Michigan Ave has great selection for men.

What are you most excited for this summer?

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