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Between The private screening of the Bergdorf Goodman film “Scatter my Ashes at Bergdorf’s” to the Veuve filled Glossed +Found/Splash party we found some chic guys and gals on the scene making thsi week’s ‘Best Dressed on the Scene.’ From “The Face” winner Devyn Abdullah’s Gracia dress to Rebecca Besser and Toni Canada’s Jimmy Choo shoes, Darnell Robinson’s Christian Louboutin leopard tassled loafers, Helen Berkun’s bright and just right blue shorts accessorized with Alexander McQueen clutch, we are loving all the looks. Now it’s your turn, vote for your favorite look(s) below.
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Rebecca Besser

maria ponce berre best dressed on the scene
Maria Ponce Berre

Helen Berkun

Devyn Abdullah

Toni Canada

Darnell Robinson

Eva Daiberl

trey berre best dressed on the scene
Trey Berre

Gregory Fear

Kyle Patnaude


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  1. This is sad if this is the “best dressed list” that Chicago has to offer. The clothes are all seasons past… Or at least look like they are. Which is shameful. The guys are pretty hot, the girlies are pretty fine too, but none one them. Save for Mr Berre for the guys and Ms Burken for the gals seem to know how to wear the clothes.

    And this was some sort of event correct? Taking place in the afternoon? So why are these guys carrying bags? Mr Robinsons bag works with the outfit, for the day time. Not this event. Then that leads me to Mr Patnaude. The bag looks super cheap and looks bad with the outfit, which it self looks rather cheap, and just dusnt look good on him. His hair… Agian not with that outfit, or with his face. Which happens to look like a lesbian who was punched way to many times in the face.

    I love this website for keeping uptodate with whats going on in Chicago… (Manhattanite here) but guurl. You need to do a better job picking people for your best dressed polls.

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