You Ought to Know: Nicole Mangrum


Through SociaLifeChicago’s adventures running around the city, we’ve had the great opportunity of meeting some amazing people doing great things, places worth checking out and things of note. A lot of times, these  are someone’s insider secret or on the cusp of greatness. It’s only right to share them and what makes them awesome, fun, unique and someone “you ought to know.”

In our ongoing series spotlighting the people, places and things we here at SociaLifeChicago think “You Ought to Know” we would like to present Nicole Mangrum. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Nikki’s gorgeous face out and about on the scene but then we found out first hand her amazing talent when she transformed a few friends’ hair and we just had to know more. Her resume and magical hands have touched some amazing people including our first lady Michelle Obama which she discusses here.  She works with all textures of hair and truly an experience to be  had. She is most definitely worth every penny and TRUST she will make you look AH.MAZING!

Nicole Mangrum Talks About Michelle Obama’s Hair

During our interview she showed us the WHY of why she is awesome by transforming my dull head into bountiful glamourous curls that rendered me speechless. Check out the full interview here and tell her SociaLifeChicago sent you.

SociaLifeChicago presents “You Ought to Know:Nicole Mangrum”

If you would like to make an appointment at Freedom Salon, call


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  1. This was absolutely fantastic feature, and tastefully executed. Sincerely enjoyed every minute of it, and looking forward to all things fabulous from Nikki, and Freedom Salon!

  2. Great job BJ!! I’m glad you and so many have discovered the talent in Ms. Mangrum’s hands!! LOVE her to death and love you for highlighting her on your site!!

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