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Today is the official first day of spring which means its time to put down that brownie a la mode(points to self) and start getting into summer body shape. Though the weather outside if you reside in the Midwest or Northeast regions might not feel like it’s spring quite yet. If you were one of the spirited New Years resolution(ers) who has since realized that the whole resolution thing lasts 12 months not 12 hours, not to worry, you can still get back on your fitness track.

Jill Dailey McIntosh_The Dailey Method bucktown

Jill Dailey McIntosh, founder of the popular The Dailey Method, which is described as” a system of strengthening and stretching all the major muscle groups in the body. It combines ballet barre work, core conditioning, yoga, and orthopedic exercises” was in Chicago recently(March 7)  and she taught a very intense masterclass at their Bucktown location. Ms. McIntosh emphasized the importance of not only staying healthy by eating better but  also good body posture and stability. The Dailey Method uses controlled movements for toned and lean results. Going into the workout, I underestimated its intensity because to me, if it didn’t involve heavy dumbbells, bars and weighted medicine balls, it will be light and I won’t break a sweat-WRONG! 3 days after the 60minute class my legs and triceps still felt the good burn and I realized I was subconsciously lengthening my torso by concentrating on my posture which is one thing they emphasize. Ms. Dailey McIntosh also recommend that if you participate in other intense exercises such as crossfit, The Dailey Method can complement those workouts.  Here are a few exercises that were demonstrated that you can do either at your gym or in the comfort of your home, better yet pick up a copy of her new DVD The Dailey Method: Dailey Now and you can do these exercises right along with Jill and feel like you’re taking your own personal master class.



The Plank

Dailey Method Leg work

Leg Work with the barre


Seated abdominal work


The Plank

Because my core is so weak, blame the brownies, the most difficult was the ab work. Which of these exercises will you be doing tonight?


The Dailey Method® announces a 60 Day Spring Challenge sure to give Chicagoans incentive to get in shape this spring.
For every class taken within a 60 day period, participants’ names are entered into a raffle to win prizes each week including $200 to Quartino, hair cut and color at Salon Blonde valued at $250, a party with friends at Tangerine and gift certificate for $200, one of four total BluePrint cleanses, gift certificates to Toast and Grass Fed, and more. Those who attend more than 30 classes in the two month time-frame are entered to win a Grand Prize of a two night stay at Thompson Hotel in Chicago, dinner for two and a couples massage. Additional partners providing prizes include Lululemon, Red Hen Bread, K.Amato jewelry, European Wax Center, Four Star Restaurant Group, Stella and Dot.


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