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artEdge co-chair Anita Blanchard, artEdge co-chair and MCA Trustee Martin Nesbitt, artEdge co-chair Trustee Anne Kaplan, artEdge co-chair Trustee Michael Canmann, artEdge co-chair Susan Canmann, MCA Pritzker Director Madeleine GrynsztejnAnita Blanchard, Martin Nesbitt, Anne Kaplan, Susan Canmann, Michael Canmann, Madelieine Grynsztejn

The Museum of Contemporary Art held their annual fundraiser, artEdge last Saturday(2/2) in the MCA Warehouse which was transformed into a factory where about 500 guests reveled in the performance (there were drag queens, poles involved, heck yes!)  raising $900,000 for MCA programming. Guests were transported into a working factory where all facets of the evening aligned with the theme.

mca IMG_3854Hebru Brantley Graffitti Wall

Chain linked walls and mechanical sounds guided guests into the fantastic factory draped with rich lighting of yellow, red and orange, created by Heffernan Morgan Designs and Event Creative and also featured graffiti walls by Chicago artist Hebru Brantley. From the sitting arrangements to the food to the  performers, hanging high above on chains, entertaining guests with their impressive theatrics, this was not your ordinary fundraising gala. This year’s artEdge benefit co-chairs Anne Kaplan, Anita Blanchard and Martin Nesbitt and Susan and Michael Canmann, greeted guests and playfully draped them with “caution” tape, preparing them for the evening of factory fun that lay ahead.

Performers with MCA Trustee Lois Eisen_artEdge

The Cafeteria Room, which featured a spinning “turn table” where guests could sit while dining on tins of macaroni and cheese, baked potatoes with chipped beef and tuna casserole. The highlight of the room was the “dry-cleaning rack,” which featured an oscillating rack of assorted meats and cheeses hanging from hooks that guests were able to both admire and eat.
Following dinner, guests went downstairs for after an dinner concert, desert reception and cocktails. Guests danced into the night  as The band Fitz and the Tantrums performed medley after medley. The notable names from Chicago’s art and philanthropy circles were in attendance including: Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Amy Rule, King and Caryn Harris, Linda Johnson Rice, Marc and Liza Brooks, Kavi Gupta, Juli Latsko, Mark Mitten and Andrea Moran, Marilyn and Larry Fields(MCA Trustee), Cari Sacks, Lois and Steve Eisen,Mary Ittelson(MCA Trustee), Theaster Gates, Tony and Sandra Karman, Sylvie Leger and Todd Ricketts, Michael and Lisa Kornick, Dawoud Bay, Naomi Beckwith, Jill Dodds and Bal Nandra, Candace and Chuck Jordan, Sandra and Jack Guthman(MCA Trustee), Hebru Brantley, Brad Keywell, and so many more

*images: Bob Carl, Alain Milotti

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