Can I Manage A Relationship on the Quest for Entrepreneurial Success?



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I’m sure you’re thinking the above but I have found myself asking  this question more often than not lately. Recently, I finally took the plunge, jumped off the cliff and I am in full entrepreneur mode(more on that later) and this has consumed me more than I ever thought it would. While having a business meeting recently the subject came up again on why am I still single. I won’t lie at that point even I asked myself the same “Why am I still single?”  Then I realized the response I gave may have been the reason why: “right now I am dating socialifechicago and my business venture and I don’t really have the time.”
WOW! To be honest I don’t think I can devote time to someone new at this point in time. This one woman show-for now-is dashing all about town and to me dating or even taking the time to know someone will be a distraction. Of course it would be nice to have someone there for you on those really difficult days, it would be great to have a warm shoulder to lean on but Imagine if a guys calls and wants an impromptu outing and I respond, sucking my teeth in, yea that’s not possible because I’ve got this event to cover, an interview to do and a shoot to coordinate,  can we schedule something in about 2 weeks? I mean I don’t want that to be my life but lately and unfortunately it’s been and I don’t feel bad for it. Does anyone else feel this way? and you don’t necessarily have to be in the entrepreneur lane you can be on the corporate path to success too. In my head I would love to meet that special someone that makes my heart go apesh!t crazy, that renders me speechless, that understands what I do and accepts it, that’s hungrier for success than I am, that’s got a bit of Fitz & Olivia(from Scandal) minus the whole married man thing, that’s flexible with their time and expectations, but does such a person exist?

I am a big believer in the saying that people make time for what’s important and right now the only thing I have time for is building, growing and sustaining my company, maintaining my relationship with family and friends. One of these days, God willing this magical being of a man will appear in the most obscure way and I hope I am ready for it. Maybe, for now, it’s a good thing to be single in the city. The other question I get a lot of is, don’t you meet anyone when you are out and about at these events? I’ll discuss that next week.


Bolaji Sosan
Bolaji Sosan

pronounced: Boh-la-jee, like the Bellagio but w/o the O. SLC Founder and Editor, loves to write about topics at the intersection of career and lifestyle for today's young professional and future leaders.

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