Yes, I decided to take e harmony up on their free 2 month membership. I know, I know, the perception is that most people that join e-harmony are ready to get married but I would like to think of it as being ready for a more serious commitment than an occasional “hangout” or friends with benefit. I sat down and completed the profile, answered wayyy too many questions and even put up good photos of myself (I rarely take pictures of myself so finding ones to upload was a feat), set my preferences and all I had to was wait for the offers to flood in, so to speak. The first email came-Signed, Sealed Delivered Bolaji we’d like to introduce you to… YES!
I got so excited to check these guys out , rushed to log on and was hoping for, I dunno something like this

Yea really didn’t turn out that way, wait why is he living in Texas? oy!
I’ve never really done this whole online matchmaking  thing but I figure it would be worth a try seeing as I wasn’t having much luck in the offline realm. Haven’t been on a date date in a while and surely it would be nice to go on one, no? I’m probably the only girl in Chicago that’s facing this dilemma (or maybe not). I patiently check my “matches” and just wonder whyyyy? one of the matches sent me a message and I thought yay, let me reply back. So I sent him some questions, that was 2 weeks ago, I am still waiting on a response. I don’t know about you but lately its been frustrating being single in the city. I got sick and all I wanted was someone that wasn’t my parents or friends to bring me some chicken noodle soup and rock me to sleep, that’s not asking much is it?
I think I may follow  Cece from “New Girl”. There was a scene where Schmidt tells her he is in love with her, then he shows up at her door drunk so she calls her mom to tell her she’s ready to be set up. I may have to call my mother and tell her I’m ready for her intervention. As much as I don’t want that to be the case. I have one month left for the free membership so fingers crossed I at least get a date out of it.

Anyone else having this issue?

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