Now now, before you go on bemoaning, hear me out because I found the pumps that were the perfect height and fit like a glove! Where did I find this? The Gilt Warehouse sale of course. Last Friday amongst Gilt City Chicago VIP and select media, I had the opportunity to get first dibs on the merch and an internal Hallelujah chorus went off in my head. I happened upon fellow blogger Aramide aka DeeDee of The SassyPeach and she was my enabler for the evening.

Walking in to the vast MCA Warehouse on Hubbard street, you had to check your bags (so no one took the 5 finger discount) then walk up the stairs to the goods but not before grabbing a glass of champagne  or FIJI water. The (women’s) shoes section was the first thing we saw as we walked in and went to town. Searching high and low, glancing over what the girl next to you was holding if it was worth stalking her for or not. It took a couple of turns, where at some point I desperately crawled and looked under the tables thinking they were hiding some other shoes there-they weren’t. Through the hunt for the perfect, discounted item I spied Jena Gambaccini of ChiCityFashion, Chris Lamorte of Urbandaddy Chicago, Mel Muoio of Element Collective, Alexis Nido Russo of Chicago Artists’ Coalition,  Lauren Zeien of Prasino Restaurant, Joran Thompson of Cheeky Chicago

I hope you had the opportunity to check out the Gilt sale, I’d love to see what you bought. As for me? I bought 2 Dolce Vita summer sandals, a kid robot thingy for my lil sis, Corso cosmo Bellasox flats, pair of SeaVees sneakers oh and a pair of Kathryn Amberleigh python pumps in acqua that I can’t wait to wear out. I might just wear them to the Belstaff event tonight.

All Images Francis Son Photography

Bolaji Sosan
Bolaji Sosan

pronounced: Boh-la-jee, like the Bellagio but w/o the O. SLC Founder and Editor, loves to write about topics at the intersection of career and lifestyle for today's young professional and future leaders.

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