GQ Magazine recently launched their “50 Most Powerful People in Washington D.C” list and that got me thinking. What would Chicago’s Power List look like?  Who are the influencers that not only impact the city but their reach is nationwide, even global. With a bit of research and curiousity I present you with SociaLifeChicago’s 45 most Powerful people in Chicago. Except for Mayor Emanuel and Oprah, there is no specific ranking or order.

Power: The ability to produce an effect, to influence

Mayor Rahm Emanuel-need I say more? Former aide to former President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama’s former Chief of Staff and now our current mayor.

2. Oprah Winfrey— Founder OWN network who has done so much not only in/for Chicago but her power influences many across the globe

3.David Axelrod Obama campaign strategist, launching a new non-partisan institute of politics at the University of Chicago, which he will head in 2013 after the presidential election.
 4.Mike Madigan –Speaker of Illinois House of Rep

5. Pritzker Family

6. Mellody Hobson and John Rogers, Jr –Ariel Capital

7. Ricketts Family — new owners Chicago cubs

8. Morton Shapiro –President Northwestern University

9. Derrick Rose–Chicago Bulls basketball player

10. Desiree Rogers –C.E.O  of Johnson Publishing, former White House Social Secretary

11. Crown Family

12. Melman Family– Rich, Martha, R.J, Molly, Jerrod –Mr. Melman built a food empire 40 yrs ago with partnerships and his children are now carrying the torch with Paris Club, Hub51, soon to open RPM Italian

13. Neil Bluhm Developer –Billionaire Real Estate titan, Rivers Casino owner

14. Robert Zimmer — President University of Chicago

15. Grant DePorter CEO Harry Caray’s, Chairman of The Greater North Michigan Avenue Association

16. Tim King Founder Urban Prep Academy

17. Sugar Rautbord– Public Relations expert, The connector and  Author

18. Dr. Joseph Hennessey — Internist

19. Theo Epstein — New Chicago Cubs President of Baseball Operations

20. Shia Kapos Crains Chicago columnist

21. Steve Foley Jr 2011 Chicago Auto Show Co-Chairman
Family owns Steve Foley dealership in Northbrook

22. Northwestern Memorial Hospital Bluhm Cardiovascular team-S. Chris Malaisrie, MD; Patrick M. McCarthy, MD; Edwin C. McGee, MD; Richard Lee, MD, MBA

23. Ikram Goldman — Fashion Doyenne

24. Adrian Smith–famed Architect whose famous projects include worlds tallest building  Burj Khalifa, Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai and a secret project

25. Miles White CEO Abbott labs

26. Les Coney –If you live in Chicago and don’t know Les Coney, I suggest you do

27. Amanda Puck SVP Public relations

28. Bunky Cushing– “The Squire of Society” philanthropist and the man who brings the Ladies Who Lunch together

29. Leslie Bluhm – Co founder Chicago Cares

30. Charlie Trotter -The chef who put Chicago on the fine-dining map. Will be honored at the SoBE Wine & Food Festival this February

31. Sally Blount Dean Northwestern Kellogg School of Business Management

32. Grant Achatz & Nick Kokonas -Next, Alinea, Aviary

33. Michael Sneed Suntimes columnist with the scoop

34. Art Smith –Famed Chef with a new restaurant collaboration with Lady Gaga coming soon

35. J. Lynne Bredfeldt Public Relations Director for Park Hyatt Chicago adn NoMI

36. Jeff Smisek — President and CEO of United Continental Holdings Inc.

37. Frederick “Rick” Waddell CEO Northern Trust Bank named one of the “World’s Most Admired Companies” by Fortune Magazine.

38. Dean Harrison CEO & President Northwestern Memorial Hospital

39. W. James McNerney Jr – CEO Boeing company

40. Larry Goodman CEO and President Rush University Medical Center

41. Victor Skrebneski super photographer

42. Walter E. Massey –President, School of the Art Institute

43. Linda Johnson Rice –Chairman Johnson Publishing

44. Billy Dec — I’m not sure he gets any sleep but he presides over Rockit Ranch with his partners(Arturo Gomez & Brad Young) and they have the pulse on Chicago’s nightlife.

45. YOU! Chicagoans that use their voice, position to affect change. Spending time to volunteer, planning a fundraiser, supporting friends; even when you are 100 or 1000 miles away you are proud to say you live in CHICAGO.

**All images were culled from Google images or from SociaLifeChicago archives, ALL copyrighted materials**

Bolaji Sosan
Bolaji Sosan

pronounced: Boh-la-jee, like the Bellagio but w/o the O. SLC Founder and Editor, loves to write about topics at the intersection of career and lifestyle for today's young professional and future leaders.

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