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Workout Gear For Men

FOR YOGA Yoga is a great workout that every man should try at least once. Yoga allows you to exercise total freedom  from the racing mind and connect with your sense of self. The Lululemon “Kung Fu” yoga pant(Washboard abs not included)  allows men to move freely in their yoga practice. The more sweat the

Tommy Hilfiger -- To Tommy From Zooey Dress $169.50

“To Tommy From Zooey” Zooey Deschanel For Tommy Hilfiger Available At Macys Chicago

“New Girl”actress, producer, singer can now add designer to her resume after launching her recent collaboration with American fashion design house Tommy Hilfiger. The 16 piece collection includes nautical inspired dresses, accessories and retails from $98 to $199. Related:  TOMMY HILFIGER CELEBRATES THE CFDA/VOGUE FASHION FUND AMERICANS IN PARIS PROGRAM Tommy Hilfiger said of the

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Key Pieces To Invest In for Spring for Plus Size/Curvy Ladies

The winter blues are over, at least in our minds, and spring fashion is just around the corner. Light sweaters, bold colored coats and ankle length pants are the must-haves for this spring season. For the lady with curves to love, picking the right staples for spring may be hard but we think investing in

Single in the City

10 strangest places to be asked out on a date-socialifechicago

Strangest Places To Get Asked On A Date

When you meet someone who is truly great, he/she makes you believe you can be great, too. This is the kind of relationship you want, and it’s the only kind of relationship worth having. But the actual act of meeting that person can take shape in many forms. A lakefront run, friends house party or


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Puretergent Your Eco Friendly Laundry Saver

Happy Earth day! There are lots of things we can do help make our days on this earth sustainable. We compost, shop organic, drive electric cars, recycle  but what about things you can do around the home? Puretergent  market eco-friendly laundry product that can help you be more earth conscious. It’s free of the non-eco



Philanthropy Spotlight: LIFT (CHICAGO)

Poverty, unfortunately, is all too often a commonality in most parts of the country especially in a major city like Chicago. Those who are afflicted by it often times lack resources to get out of it. LIFT Communities with 2 Chicago branches is  working to help Chicagoans lift themselves out of poverty for good. Their


Carolina Jayaram Announces USA's Move to Chicago, photo Dan Rest

United States Artists Moves Headquarters To Chicago

During a news conference today (April 3,2014) where Michelle Boone-Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Commissioner, Carolina Jayaram former Director of Chicago Artists Coalition and current CEO of United States Artists announced that USA will move from Los Angeles to Chicago!!! This is a major coup for our city as Unites States Artists


Rolls Royce Wraith_phoenix


Dramatic. Agile. Refined Luxury. These are the makings of  the 2014 Rolls-Royce Wraith. Upon first glance, the car may seem imposing but that’s where it ends.  The Wraith is definitely geared towards the next gen Rolls-Royce owner, with advanced features and styling. The car, which has undergone Rolls Royce’ meticulous hand crafted process, is a